Learn CTR in Adsense

Do you know the facts of CTR in Internet Marketing ? CTR is a most important for Advertisers and even Publisher too. In Simple words the Role of CTR to Advertiser is to sell those products through Publisher each clicks. Advertiser has to make good banners and products for Advertising those products. For Publisher have to send traffic to Advertiser and make money for per click.

Learn CTR in Adsense

For Blogger must have to aware about CTR because if you can’t able to give clicks to Advertiser’s Ads then that advertiser go away from your blog or website. Then your website adsense earning will be down because of your adsense ads serving low CTR Ads on your website. Then must have to worry about CTR if you are new in blogging or your website is new.

After Searching internet data and through my experience on blogging i am going to give you some basic information’s about CTR for adsense Advertisements. Many Questions asked in lots of forums what is Click Through Rate.

What is CTR?

CTR means Click Through Rate which is define by number of times your blog Adsense Advertisements is clicked divided by no of time ads,or ad unit containing advertisements is viewed.

In Simple way CTR is a percentage of How many clicks you got on advertisements and number of advertisement of page views.

  • Click Through Rate = No of clicks / No of exposures.
  • Click Through Rate % = No of clicks * 100 / No of exposures

The above equations means if your Advertisement is shown by 100 persons and you get only 5 clicks then you your CTR is 5% . Higher CTR ration means your adsense advertiser gives you high paying adsense ads on your website. Because they can give easily give clicks to those high paying advertisers.So , Try to add your Ads on those place that people can reach easily and click it. That’s the secret of High Earning websites.

I have seen many bloggers have this CTR Question. I am getting 100 of clicks but my adsense earning is not that much icon sad Learn CTR in Adsense why ? But here is secret if you write quality and useful with high CPC Article then you can get 100 clicks earning’s on only 3 to 4 clicks ! So try to learn CTR if you have decided to make money more from your website.

If you want to learn CTR then you can visit Problogger and go for learning high CTR for your Adsense Advertisements.

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