Infolinks Review : In-Text Advertisement program

In-Text Advertisement program

When i started my blogging i don’t have any ideas about Advertisement Program. Also When i heard About Google Adsense which is paying you lots of money by giving lots of clicks then i have decided to join Google Adsense ad a new-bie blogger. Then how i got response icon surprised Infolinks Review : In Text Advertisement program icon sad Infolinks Review : In Text Advertisement program icon sad Infolinks Review : In Text Advertisement program  . They Told Me to we have no place for sharing our advertisements on your blog. Means Adsense Disapproved my account :(.  Then i started Adsense Alternative Advertisement program Infolinks. I wrote first 30 articles with 500+ words then i apply for infolinks and i am approved from infolinks.

I want to tell you i am using my infolinks ads on my blogspot blog not here because i don’t want to disturb adsense privacy and policy. When i inserted infolinks ads on my blog then after 20 days i got $50 in my infolink account icon smile Infolinks Review : In Text Advertisement program .. By showing this balance i go on air icon smile Infolinks Review : In Text Advertisement program … But its not that much money for me because i have to give my money to parent’s and girlfriend. so i have to earn more money from my blogging then i go for adsense to my blog when i reached my 6 month of website rule by Google Adsense Approval. Now i can share you all information what i got through my experience in last 2 years.

Infolinks with Adsense = Doing Work Perfectly

I am using Infolink’s for this and it works perfect with adsense advertisements. I really impressed with infolink’s high paying ads program. Don’t think infolink is not that much powerful as Adsense and BuysellAds.

Now lets talk about Payout of Infolinks – Infolinks gives your earning amount when your earning goes to $50 then you can get it through PayPal Account. I want to say i earned more money from infolinks before adsense on my blog in past. Now i am giving you new tips for getting more money from infolinks with adsense.

Now i want to clear with you that if your infolinks account reach payout limit then you can get it at that time instantly without waiting any time. Infolinks strickly unlike’s scam websites and auto contents posted websites. Even infolinks offers payment options like Paypal,Bank wire transfer – I am using Paypal account to collect amount of earning.

Well honestly, there are hundreds of programs which sounds like the same and promise to be one of the best advertising network, but when it comes to payment, you will face lots of issues. Well infolinks is unlike those scam and run website and pays within payout time. They offer various payment options like Paypal, Western Union, Bank wire transfer and details are mentioned below. Though, I personally use PayPal for receiving the payment.

Infolinks Review In Text Advertisement program Infolinks Review : In Text Advertisement program

Infolinks Review 2014 January

Here is income proof from Infolinks

income proof from Infolinks Infolinks Review : In Text Advertisement program

income proof

Making money is now too easy by blogging but if you don’t do smart work then you don’t get that much from internet. so try all white hat tips with your earning and get more success from your work.

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Now ? icon surprised Infolinks Review : In Text Advertisement program

Its your turn to give your feedback on Infolinks In-Text Advertisement program- If you are running infolinks on your website or blog then share your experience with us. by talking with each-other you got more and more success.

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