Google Adsense millionaire – 1 Million from Google Adsense

Today i am posting my new tutorial about Google adsense millionaire in this Internet Marketing Category. I have one example of one Million Man Jason Calacanis made 1 Million dollars from Google Adsense in one year.

Lets talk about Jason Calacanis. He is the first Google adsense millionaire. If he can earn 1 Million by Google Adsense then, why you not earn ? Jason Calacanis started using Adsense in September 2004.He runs Weblogs Inc. He created one network for trade weblogs across niche industries. And he proved that adsense is a best advertising network.

Google adsense millionaire

Million with Google Adsense Google Adsense millionaire   1 Million from Google Adsense

When he started weblogs Inc and after 3 month; as his company grow they started to earn $580 per day in January 2005. March $737 & May $1,585 per day. after some month those per day earning goes to $2,740 Per day. The total of the year is $1 Million US dollar.

Also Calacanis has more 103 bloggers on the payroll & 9 Staffers. Also Webmasters will help them to get high traffic.

If you want to earn money then you have to  focus on internet marketing. How long you stay on internet market. You have a smart brain and smart team. If you have 10 friend’s group.Then you can make millions of money by creating one website blog.

Just Use Adsense and place those Advertisement code on your website blog. and start to get Google Adsense millionaire award.

Google adsense millionaire - Can i earn 1 Million from Google Adsense ?

  • Yes, I am not telling to invest many dollars on any paid worker. But we have to make 1 group at least 3 to 10 friend to get high income per day.
  • I recommended to join at least 5 friend’s group and start blogging. If you do then no one can beat you if you do below things properly.
  • First task : Write 1 Post per day/per person. Means 1st day you got 5 Post’s on your blog. Do this regularly for 3 month. That means 90 x 5 = 450 post in your blog. Now apply for Adsense & insert your advertising code.
  • After 4th month add one function on your website called guest post. Attract all visitor’s to earn money and get backlink’s to affiliate link or own blog. All will write post for your website. Now your network goes high.
  • Then apply for Yahoo ads. and place only one yahoo ads on your blog. Becautse you want to make more money. So, Less ads equal to good quality visitor you got regularly.

If you follow this above steps for 1 year then your daily earning goes to $500 to $1000 per day. If you are in collage then find your technology fan and start writing and start earning.

At last if your marketing group will be high then each member register your blog for earning money. Then you got per member 200 to 300 per day earning. By this tips you all have to write one post for making better seo for your post. Also your writer must know about how to find good keyword. If you do this regularly then your team get 1 million after 2 years.

This is the format of earning money from google adsense. If any one want to join my group then comment below. There is many way tobe a Google adsense millionaire. But if you follow this trick then you can get hundred percent success from Google Adsense.

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    • Admin Post author

      Naveen Meena . I saw your website. I conclude :

      1st Decide you proper topic for blogging. If you have choose Mobile and Bollywood then just write unique content about that particular topic.

      2nd I saw in your website – You copy paste many keyword’s which is not good for Google Panda Update. Your SEO Goes down when your Website is caught by google robot.

      3rd Every day Write at least 3 post for 3 month with “proper keyword”. And Apply For Google Adsense.

      Before apply must know your website speed is good or not. Commonly 1st loading time between 3 to 8 sec. And Second Loading time 1 to 3 second.

      First do this regularly For 3 month.

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